Rare of Breed


Born and raised in North Carolina, Rare of Breed went from the streets of Charlotte to the backroads and tobacco fields of Stella, NC. Placed in foster care at age 8, a therapist gave him a notebook and encouraged him to write his thoughts in order to release his feelings in a healthy way. It started with poetry and slowly evolved into lyrics and songs.It wasn't until his teen years that it all turned upside down. He got expelled from High School at 16 for selling prescription medications on campus. He was then sent to Tarheel Challenge Academy, a reformed military school, in Salemburg, NC. After graduating with a GED, he went back to the streets that landed him there. Homeless and eager to make money, his poor decisions eventually landed him in jail at the age of 18. With nowhere to turn while struggling with addiction, self-worth, brokenness and anger, he finally found the hope he needed in a church. He hit his knees and God opened the door. He accepted Jesus and it transformed his life. This new life of faith continues to shape the music he makes and will forever be the center of his message.Rare of Breed has gained success and great momentum with a musical style he calls GodTwang. He blends Country and Christian music with Hip-Hop production to create a sound that's refreshing and unique.He has been sharing his testimony through Hip-Hop for over 10 years since his transformation in 2011. His troubled past and rough childhood is the bridge that continues to close the gap and open the hearts of many.




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